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4 Elements Grysmby’s Urban Arts Festival, UK

4 Elements Grysmby’s Urban Arts Festival 2016, this September, Sérgio Odeith was invited to headline this festival.

Grimsby’s 4 Elements 2nd Urban Arts Festival was on 10/9/16.
Professional street artists and performers created a truly live arts experience.
Eighteen professional local, national and international graffiti artists have been invited to Grimsby. So, as a result, they create aerosol art on canvases.Therefore, showcasing a mix of styles from realism to surreal. Portraits of life, bold graphics to fine-lettering work and neon characters.
Odeith did a 27 square meters Anamorphic corner. Due to the festival’s name, he did a tribute to the 4 elements. As a result, an amazing and inspiring Anamorphic piece. Main character, was Annie Tibbers. With a spray can in her hand. Also, a bubble lettering and Hip Hop as background. In conclusion, Grymsby’s Urban Arts Festival was amazing. Good artists, and, most of all, some really good days with great people.
4 elements odeith

4 elements grymsby - artists

4 elements grymsby - walls

4 elements grymsby -inside

4 elements grymsby - venue



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