Joe B. Hall

Joe B. Hall Memorial in Cynthiana, Kentucky, USA.

Joe B. Hall Memorial in Cynthiana, Kentucky, USA.

Last July, Sérgio Odeith painted a memorial for the coach Joe B. Hall in Cynthiana.

Invited by the Cynthiana Art Council and with the good relation that Odeith created last year when he painted the Walking Dead mural, he accepted this challenge with great honor.


Joe-B. Hall Ceremony 1

Joe Beasman Hall (November 30th, 1928) was the head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky from 1972 to 1985.
Previously coached at Central Missouri State University and Regis University before returning to UK in 1965.

On the July 27th of 2017, Joe B.Hall came back to the town where they know him best on a chartered bus with family members, close friends and some former players in town.

Joe-B. Hall Ceremony 3

Among Hall’s ex-players in attendance were Jim Andrews, Larry Stamper, Rick Robey, Kyle Macy, Roger Harden and Kenny Walker.
Walker said when Hall invited him to the ceremony he could tell how much the mural meant to the ex-coach.
“These are the people who knew Coach Hall (the person), not the head coach of UK and all he became,” Walker said. “For them to honor him in this way, it’s probably one of the greatest honors he’s got — and he’s had a lot.”

Odeith with Joe B.Hall

For Odeith, was a huge pleasure to meet Joe B. Hall in person.
A big thank you to the Cynthiana Art Council and everyone involved in this project.

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