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Magic City – an exhibition like you have never seen it before.

Magic City – an exhibition like you have never seen it before.

Street Art, in its entirety: political, lyrical, snappy and critical, consequently always entertaining.
On the walls, in the squares of a specially built city of dreams.
Therefore, you will find new works by 40 of the best street artists worldwide.
Painted, glued,or even knitted especially for this exhibition. In conclusion, a visual adventure!

Immerse yourself in the world of street art with all your senses. Magic City is not just an exhibition.
It is a lively platform for everything related to the art of the street.
With a special program and curated by Brooklyn Street Art. With guided tours, readings, lectures, workshops.
Participate in the SPIKE LAB and a street art store compiled by connoisseurs.

Therefore, you can find out what exactly is going on here. One of the most successful exhibitions ever.
With more than 6 million visitors worldwide, including 150,000 only in Dresden. Creativity is an invaluable experience.

Odeith have made an enormous Anamorphic piece, floating letters and illusion holes, extremely detailed and realistic.

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4 elements odeith
4 Elements Grysmby’s Urban Arts Festival, UK
amalia progress2 Amadora
Tributo a Amália Rodrigues, Zeca Afonso e Carlos Paredes, Amadora.

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