Anamorphic painting in Moscow, Russia

It was with great pleasure that Odeith visit for the first time Russia, Moscow, invited by Ches from street art lab.

A permanent resident “Bear” from the master of the Anamorphic illusion was the piece.
Moscow was delighted with the new 3D- work of the Portuguese master of optical illusions Sergio Odeith : fascinating unique style of ” anamorphosis ” visited by habitants and visitors of the capital.
Each work of Sergio Odeith is unique and inimitable. Guests were expected not only to meet with the ” Bear “, but also with its creator.
Odeith communicated with fans and talked about work and life in Lisbon, and also shared his impressions about Moscow.
Also , during the presentation of pictures of street art fans, took part a Battle for the best Odeith’s tag sketch . As a result of the battle, Odeith chose the winner and handed a well-deserved award.







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Odeith Dubai Canvas 2016
Anamorphic 3D artist in Dubai Canvas 2016
4 elements odeith
4 Elements Grysmby’s Urban Arts Festival, UK

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